Guests get pumped up all night
as headliner DJs invade the Guilly's booth
every night for best club mixes in the metro

  • Ace Ramos/Big Boy Cheng - Manyak Mondays
  • Yhana Nicole/Hannah Ichiko/Cathy Frey - Boo'd Up Tuesdays
  • Zzelle Abella - FuBu Night Wednesdays
  • Guest DJ/MC - Bring Back HipHop Thursday
  • Pitbull - Maddhouse Fridays
  • Rhon Rebleza - Super Badd Saturdays
  • Ariel - Sunday's Best
  • Everynight - Warren Z for FLASHBACK from 8pm -12mn for your favorite 70's/80's/90's and late 2000's!