7 Things that Hanging Out Can Do to Relieve Your Stress

7 Things that Hanging Out Can Do to Relieve Your Stress

March 02, 2017

Elevated blood pressure, headaches, back pain, restlessness, anxiety, depression, and not to mention, a toll on your looks, are just some of the many unlikable effects of being stressed out.

The stress hormone, cortisol, is public health enemy number one. Scientists have known for years that elevated cortisol levels interfere with learning and memory, lower immune function and bone density, increase weight gain, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease...

The list goes on and on.

Stressed Out

Stress rarely goes away on its own. Like your bills, it won’t stop coming. You won’t be able to notice how it keeps piling up on you, unless you take charge of your life and do something about it.

As obvious as it may sound, hanging out is still the quickest way to relieve yourself and get away from the stressful environment or situation at work, business, and life in general.

For those working on graveyard shifts, particularly call center agents and BPO professionals, stress is an unwelcome frequent companion.

Here are seven reasons why you should hangout more often:

1. A Way, Away from Your Desk

In most cases, it is your business or work that keeps you under stress as pressure builds in the proverbial cooker on a daily, if not hourly, basis. The more you stay in the same place or situation, the more it gets into you and the more urgently you need to release the pressure.


That’s why, first thing to do is ease off a bit. Moving away from your desk and allowing ample time to take breaks gives you a short breather, which is a good way to somewhat manage at work. However, for true much needed release, longer breaks after work hours or weekends are a must to rejuvenate yourself and your mojos.

2. Listening to Music

“Music is to the soul what words are to the mind.”

What your eyes cannot see, but your ears can fathom and suddenly bring about change in our souls. Whether to pump up the energy for creativity, or set yourself to relax, music possesses the power to change moods and heal disturbances in an explainable, yet effective way.

Listening to music picks you up and somehow unravels the web of gloom and distress that builds up from our hectic lives. As if this wasn’t enough to keep a healthy check on stress, music also gets us moving, which takes us to the next reason to hangout more.

3. Dance, Exercise, Run, Do Yoga

Physical activities like dancing, exercising, running or even yoga keep mind and body well-balanced and synchronized with each other.It promotes a healthier active lifestyle while keeping us step further away from stress and all its complications.

Guilly's Dancers

4. Eat (but not overeat)

You are what you eat cannot be more true in this age of limitless choices, over-indulgence and processed foods. Proper eating habits not only can ease chemical imbalances that facilitate stress, but also help avoid stress-related binge eating.

Left unchecked, stress can accumulate faster than you think and can take a serious toll on your health. Eating right at right times and doing physical activities can provide the right balance for a healthy mind and body.

5. Company of Friend/s or Relatives

From the time we were living in caves, we have been social animals. We are people beings. Hence, it should come as no surprise that spending time with friends and family is the best antidote for stress.

Guilly's Tomas Morato Friends

Friends and family you can confide in, get advises from, share stories with or just spend time doing mindless stuff with, are great avenue to unload on. However, some so called friends who do the opposite and shed too much of their own negativity are better avoided.

6. Cuddling and Kissing

If friends can make such a positive difference, then imagine what spending quality time with your significant other can do in relieving stress (unless, of course it is the very relationship is causing your stress in the first place, 😉).

The time spent with your special someone takes you to a whole new level of relaxation. The comfort that a caressing and loving touch brings adversely decreases your stress knowing you are safe and sound with the embrace of your partner.

Kissing Couple

Cuddling and kissing triggers many different physiological processes that elevates good mood and fights off anxiety. French kissing alone exercises your facial muscles that enhances your natural glow and releases the “happy” hormones (endorphins) that helps alleviate pain.

Not to mention that cuddling and kissing makes you feel loved and secured, boosting your self-esteem and confidence.

7. Laughing

Remember laughing so hard as a kid that your sides would nearly split open and tears would stream out of your eyes? When is the last time you have laughed like that as an adult?

Another way to release the feel-good endorphins in your body and gain a sense of well being is by laughing. These endorphins are also natural pain killers. Hanging out with people close to you gives you that space and time you need to loosen up and laugh.

With the company of your friends and loved ones, all things under the sun can be topics to laugh about. Laughing can reduce stress and anxiety because it naturally relaxes you by inducing your heart rate to slow down and your blood pressure to decrease.

 Guilly's Night Club Tomas Morato

What can be better than doing all 7 things mentioned above to alleviate stress, in one place at one time, any day of the week?

One great spot in Metro Manila for hanging out and spending the night is the Guilly’s Night Club. For the past 11 years,

Guilly’s has established itself as the go-to destination that provides unpretentious and relaxed ambience, state of the art lights, LED Jumbotrons and sound system, a social and friendly dance floor layout, sumptuous dining and multi-level bars, larger-than-life Macs and headliner DJs.

The longer clubbing hours at Guilly’s allows more party-goers to enjoy their nightlife for extended hours.

Guilly's Girls Hangout

Compared to other regular clubs and bars that closes between 1am and 3am, Guilly’s is open from 10pm to 7am, making the preferable destination of late shift professionals and students.

To take it a new level of service, starting May 1, Guilly’s will be throwing in extra open hours and will remain open until 10 am EVERY DAY.

This gives people working in graveyard shift, especially those from call center and BPO companies, to still have their own version of “nightlife” or put more appropriately, “daylife.”

Guilly’s is open from Monday to Sunday that gives you 7 more reasons not to miss out on treating yourself.

There is also the Sparks Sports Bar, part of the Guilly's building that offer 24x7 dining experience offering all-day meals starting from Php 99. 

At Guilly’s you can accomplish much to relieve stress, like eating, drinking, dancing, listening to good music, having fun with friends, mingling with your partner and best of all, getting that needed break from all the things that was causing you stress in the first place.

All in one place.

Guilly’s is one of the most popular after work destinations in Metro Manila. Its has been in the clubbing industry for more than a decade serving Filipinos and foreigners looking at the perfect well-deserve break.

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