5 Benefits of Hanging Out for Call Center Professionals

5 Benefits of Hanging Out for Call Center Professionals

March 17, 2017

Working long hours in front of a desk, talking to mostly irate people, or hustling to meet sales quota, all of which can just press you down. Add to the mix, working on graveyard shift, a usual thing for a call center professional go through every work day.

Taking breaks and hanging out is part of the solution to creating a more productive, balance life.

Here are a few things that make hanging out beneficial: 

Relieve Stress

When you work too much and spend less breaks, there’s a big chance that stress can catch up on you, sooner than you think. It is not healthy to spend most of your walking hours on tension.

Taking short breaks during work and long ones after work, bring back the life in you.


Quality “Me” Time

When you spend time hanging out, you give yourself a timeout from the pressure-filled corridors of your office. Quality time for yourself the best reward you can give yourself from all the efforts you have made.


Bonding with Co-Workers

Hanging out in bars after work also serves as an avenue to befriend your co-workers. Bonding over drinks and food can loosen up things to get to know your workmates in a different way. 

Getting to know your officemates outside work tend to give both parties reason to work cooperatively at office. 

You don’t have to wait for a once-a-year team building session to know the person seating right next your cubicle or learn more about your boss, in a more personal way.

When you hangout with them, it gets you into a common platform that level things for all of you to communicate with each other better. 


Interacting with People Face to Face

After long hours of talking over the phone, call center personnel just need someone to talk to in person - keeping that balance that after 8 hours of shift, taking in complaints or refusal of offers from customers, it would help to just talk to people face to face while hanging out.


Meeting of the Minds

Another beauty of hanging out after work is that while you’re cooling down from all the corporate tasks you do daily, talking to people at the bar, be it your officemates, friends or strangers, stretches your mind and imagination in a different level. 

Whether the ideas may be silly, funny or groundbreaking, the time that you hangout is your ticket to the conversations that can initiate a new perspective in you.

While most call center professionals tend to think that the only after work hangout for them is rubbing their bodies to bed, better think again. 

Starting May 1, Guilly’s Night Club, a known innovator in the clubbing scene, will be extending its operating hours until 10 am, to make way for people working from graveyard shifts to go clubbbing, party and chill before heading home. 

Sparks Sports Bar, part of the Guilly’s entertainment chain, will offer a 24 hour dining location in Quezon City. Customers can enjoy all-day breakfast, lunch and dinner of your choice of time, starting April 1. 

There’s no more reason why working in call center or on a different time shift jobs, be a hindrance for hanging out in a club - as Guilly’s is setting a new trend in the local entertainment industry. 


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